A international art exhibition comprised of more than 700 cardboard boxes has landed in Preston.

State of Print is currently touring the country and is ever-evolving as artists from each city it visits contribute to it. It is a thought and experience and is a reaction against what the founding artists Catherine Hehir, Noelle Noonan and Paul Harrison and Scott Hudson and the current collective of 71 citizens see as inflexible global powers. State of Print reimagines what it means to create and be a part of a collective power.

The idea behind the art installation, (the touring of which is funded under GB18 Culture Ireland with a special focus on Irish artistic activity in Britain), is for the boxes to provide a backdrop or stage for further layers of commentary from contributing artists on a variety of topics such as governments, refugees, boarders between countries, Brexit and other, more personal messages. All are there to prompt discussion between visitors and when members of the public visit the exhibition, they are invited to become members of the new ‘state’ to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

State of Print will be at UCLan until the 13 December in the Harrington and Greenbank Social Space on campus and is free to attend. It’s already been to  Aberdeen, Dundee and Norwich and plans are in place to take it to Europe and Australia.
For more information about State of Print visit the www.stateofprint.com and Culture Ireland website.