ACPS is proud to announce this years fellowship residency award goes to Stewart Houlker-Collinge.  His trans-disciplinary practice interrogates the identity of place (mainly a northern post-industrial identity) through an exploration of materials and craft based processes including print, sculpture, ceramics and installation.
‘I am interested in the interactions between the natural world and the forgotten urban post-industrial landscape; I often approach these overgrown and forgotten spaces as playgrounds for the imagination. My work is concerned with how to re-think these abandoned spaces as generative sites for healing and personal growth.¬†
I am interested in combining aspects of the natural world with repetitive, industry based processes to make visible the loss of factory production, and how this loss has contributed to the growth of natural phenomena in these now abandoned sites. I question our identity and consider our part in the climate crisis as the industrial revolution pioneers.
I re-purpose found materials to exploit their creative potential and consider their materiality; I am interested in the transformative and sensorial experience of colour, smell and texture. My work questions how to make sense of our fractured identity, through re-thinking how we connect with displaced or unused materials as sites of potential, rather than absence.’