ACPS is proud to announce our second fellowship residency award goes to Luke Mason.  Luke works in urban environments observing historic features whilst studying the embryonic stages of the future. By utilising photographic technologies, traditional fine art practice and printmaking he creates layered images capturing moments of construction and demolition. 


‘ I capture abstract features of my surroundings with my camera. I also like to take notes of my location explaining the feeling of a certain place as well as doing some loose sketches along the way. While on my walkabout I gather tear-offs from large build boards, posters and flyers that have each expired either by date or condition I may find them in. These no longer have no purpose but they are very much alive, these are what I call my fragments. These are the building blocks and makeup of my chosen location and each contains dates, times, images, and happenings. After I retrieve these sources of information, I like to fuse these fragments together with a paste solution trying to embalm what I have retrieved preserving the data. As well as adding and layering this information I tend to subtract by digging away at the surface in an archaeological fashion, exposing information that lies beneath. This whole process is very reflective of my chosen location with the constant flux of construction and demolition.’