Congratulations to Sara Nowell who is our AA2a graduate residency artist for 21/22.
Sara has just completed her MA, working on the project titled ‘Mental Health Monsters’ with the aim of answering the question “Can creativity increase awareness of mental illness and support wellbeing?” Sara’s unique use of combining creative process and participatory research helped her to develop a body of work which aimed to increase awareness and raise funds for mental health charities.
‘My current body of work has focused on creating both art and commercial design pieces using print as the basis for development. Experimenting with scale I aim to create larger prints which will have to be pieced together to create one artwork.
As part of my existing research and practice I have written evidence that has been used as part of the All-Parliamentary Research Review for the charity BEAT on eating disorder research funding. I am looking into the Arts, Health and Wellbeing APPG to look for further recommendations on their intentions for future policies that were last addressed in 2017. Part of the research I would like to expand on his how the arts and creative practice can aid wellbeing and increase awareness of the growing problem with mental illness. As a creative practitioner, friend and teacher to those affected by mental illness I value the impact the arts can have on promoting wellbeing and how this could be used as part of a prevention strategy to mental illness.’
We look forward to working with Sara over the coming year.
You can see more of Sara’s work and follow her developing project at: