Welcome to our November newsletter, we hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.
Our studio artists, research team and students have all been very busy.
Studio News

Beyond Process

Congratulations to our studio members, AA2a residency artists and Fellowship artists who created Beyond Process at very short notice. Theresa Taylor, Paula Smithson, John Angus, Cath Criscenti, Clare Phelan, Martin Kochany, Micaela Schoop, Sue Rowland, Sara Nowell, Florian Houlker, Luke Mason and Sonja Vietoris all contributed works to this diverse and exciting exhibition in PR1 Gallery showcasing the best of contemporary printmaking and ceramics at UCLan.  Additional thanks goes to Florian Houlker who co-ordinated and curated this beautiful exhibition of work.

Research Activities:

It has been a busy full month back in the studios.  We have had the pleasure of working in partnership with three wonderful artists, Heather Ross, Jackie Haynes and Rebecca Chesney.

At the end of October ACPS welcomed Heather Ross and Jackie Haynes to work on their S.O.I : a statement of intent.

Heather and Jackie are practice based PhD students currently studying the legacy of Kurt Schwitters’ artwork.  For this project they have come together to create a collaborative artwork, which will visualize and mobilize the principles of an international practice-based Kurt Schwitters research network.
Heather and Jackie are currently working in partnership with Platt Hall (Manchester), the Kurt Schwitters Society (international), the Armitt Museum (Ambleside), Newcastle University and the University of Cumbria
The unique partnership with ACPS has enabled Heather and Jackie to expand their ideas and create a set of limited-edition screen-printed posters.  This work then led to the large-scale ambitious artwork involving traditional screenprint on to large pieces of parachute fabric.
Over the course of two days Heather and Jackie were supported by specialist printmaking technicians, Kathryn Poole and Nick Rhodes and research associate Tracy Hill to produce multiple panels of printed fabric within the ACPS studios.

In November we welcomed Rebecca Chesney back to our studios.  Currently Rebecca is working on a project for Astley Hall called ‘Hidden from Light’

Here rubbings of Apotropaic burn marks have been taken from wooden panels throughout the hall and used to create new drapes for an installation to be presented to the public in 2022.
Rebecca spent two days working with the printmaking team to create hand printed fabric drapes to be used in her installation next year.
Working closely with Tracy Hill, Rebecca was able to retain the aesthetic of the original rubbings and create a large-scale repeated pattern on a parachute.  Nick Rhodes and Kathryn Poole then worked directly with Rebecca in the ACPS studios to support the printing of the fabric.

Below is a selection of work and news from our research staff, studio members and resident artists.