Heather Peak ::::::

I studied printmaking at University of Brighton 25 years ago but made very few prints after university, but the innate desire to print never went away. Every time I wrote or drew I thought of it as a print. So the print residency was a beautiful proposition to get back to place that I had left all those years ago.

In the print room the craft of printing is a conduit, a hook, an activity, and a sculpture. You take your thoughts, drawings and research, and then the practice of printing whirls them about and something entirely new manifests. Exquisite nuance detail takes over and you find yourself caring for the process and yourself with great precision.

Working with all the extraordinary people in the print room together means the whole residency is collaborative and everyone tends to the work as it grows. We talk art, stones, inks, hues, papers, line, forms, weather, air and light. And then, at the end, we make something magic, which we can repeat and repeat, like practice, again and again, every time subtle differences.