Working with Rebecca Chesney ::::::

During the past 10 years we have been working and supporting Rebecca Chesney, an artist concerned with ecology and human impact on the environment. Exploring the blurred boundaries between science and folklore she questions how we perceive and represent landscape.

In 2018 Rebecca Chesney worked with ACPS on a set of 8 large scale silkscreen prints Near / Far derived from NASA satellite imagery showing the extent of dead trees in the Sierra Nevada from 2013 – 2016. This project was supported by Lancaster Arts and Arts Council England. These were developed during her Lucas Artist Fellowship to Montalvo where she was invited to meet with scientists and researchers at the NASA Ames Research Centre, Stanford University and UC Berkeley. During her first visit in 2016, California was suffering from years of drought and an increase in wildfires, however on her return a few months later the state had suffered extreme levels of rainfall, floods and landslides over the winter months. Hidden From Light her Arts Council commission 2022 for Astley Hall features an installation of original silkscreen prints onto fabric made in ACPS.